JEM Innovation Inc.
Digital Pressure Gauge

   Enhanced In-line Digital Pressure Gauge
    ◆    Designed for Thermite welding
    ◆    Digital pressure readout
    ◆    Tracks Age of Flashback Arrestor
    ◆    Full function Stop watch
    ◆    One button Operation
    ◆    Rugged Aluminum Case
    ◆    Large LCD Display
    ◆    12 Month Warranty
    ◆    Uses standard 9V battery

    Project involved:

  • custom LCD
  • custom membrane keypad
  • custom extruded aluminum housing
  • embedded processor board (ATmega169)
  • firmware included a realtime clock; power down modes; LCD driver; temperature compensation routines for the pressure transducer; automatic calibration mode

 Pressure gauge features:
    Range:     4 psi - 95 psi
    Accuracy:     +/- 1% of full scale
    Display:     2 digit LCD
    Temperature:    -30° F to 140° F

  Stopwatch features:
    Range:         0 to 59 minutes
    Operation:   One button to start, stop, and clear
    Accuracy:   20ppm, crystal controlled
    Calendar:    Tracks age of the Flashback arrestor
Cool, but what's it for?
It's is used to preheat the railroad rail before welding.  Previously, they have been using a small, analog gauge that is hard to read and easily broken (these guys aren't know for being real danty with their equipment anyway!). Click on the photos below for  larger view.  And, yes, it gets very hot!!
Custom designed and manufactured for:
     JDL Instruments Inc.       
16758 E. 113th Court

    Commerce City, CO   80022   
    (303) 288-5773