JEM Innovation Inc.

Mark I
Airborne Flare rack controller

Several years ago we were approached by a company that wanted help lighting airplanes on fire as they flew through thunderstorms.   Yup, you read that right!  It's not as crazy as it sounds; they are carrying Silver Iodine flares and being guided by RADAR into the inlet of the storm.  Commonly known as 'cloud seeding', the silver iodine will prompt the cloud to produce rain.  My first question was "where do you get the pilots?".  Actually, people have been doing this for over 25 years.  There are active weather modification programs in many US states as well as in Greece, Africa, Europe and Australia.

The Mark I was the first solid state flare rack controller ever put into active service.  It greatly reduced the pilot's workload by replacing a maze of rotary knobs and toggle switches. We have since developed the Mark II, but the original Mark I's are still seeding clouds over Texas.

(We were so busy building them that we forgot to take a photo!)
Mark II
This is the second generation of solid state flare rack controllers; enhancements include:
  • dual display
  • selectable rack (left or right)
  • "ignition active" indicator
  • shorted flare detection
  • scan mode to detect loaded flare positions
  • custom options are available

Note: all Mark I and Mark II controllers are installed via a field approval and a FAA form 337.  The aircraft is placed in a restricted category.  For information regarding aircraft modifications and FAA approvals contact Dave at Aero Systems, 303-665-9321.

This project was developed in partnership with:

Aero Systems Inc. 
Erie, CO