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The EDP-I started out as an industrial controller for a customer in Texas.  However, like many such projects, we didn't know if we needed a 12x2, 16x2, 20x4 or a ??x?? display.  We soon learned that we weren't the only ones facing this design decision and the EDP-I was born.  Originally, it was to have a serial port interface to a PC, then it was a USB interface.  Both make things complicated. Our market research told us that designers needed a simple, stand-alone board that didn't require lugging half their lab to the conference room for a demo.  So, we made it about as simple as we could.  Plug in a standard PS/2 style keyboard, a 5 VDC power supply and you're ready to experiment with any HD44780 compatible display from 8x1 to 40x4.  See the product brief and user's guide for more details.
EDP-I product brief EDP-I user's guide

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